I Feel Pretty

One mostly wants to credit I Feel Pretty for what it doesn't do wrong.

Super Troopers 2

It doesn't become repetitive, but there's a definite sense that Broken Lizard has run this well dry before the finale.


Traffik is a thriller that takes its sweet time getting to the thrills.

The Endless

Beneath the story's weird surface, there's also a perceptive study of the fraught relationship between the two brothers.

Ghost Stories

The only things we really get from each story are frightening entities appearing in frame, loud musical stings, and an anticlimactic resolution.


It's all absurd, yet the filmmakers barely, if ever, acknowledge that indisputable fact.

Truth or Dare

Imagine a banal soap opera that's interspersed with occasional scenes of inconsistently thought-out horror, and you pretty much have Truth or Dare.


What's missing is a genuine sense of history—of actually helping us to understand the conflict in the background.

You Were Never Really Here

Ramsay's storytelling reflects the broken mind and soul of this man. Her style understands that this man is working on some unstoppable, unappeasable impulse.


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