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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and Mr. Malcolm's List
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Despite some unformed or clunky notions about the icon's cultural impact, Elvis is a big, bold, and just-unconventional-enough piece of biography.

The Black Phone

film isn't much more than a dark and disturbing game, but the filmmaker plays it so well that there's little reason to care about the film doing much more.


This story remains about the entire family on a fundamental level.

The Man from Toronto

We can forgive the screenplay for taking some license with believability in order to arrive at its gimmick. As for the actual execution, well, the human capacity for forgiveness has its limits.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe

Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe shows that the two have a comedic quality that is—as odd as it may seem to say such a thing—timeless and universal.

Flux Gourmet

There's such a thick layer of detachment that there's little means or opportunity to dig beneath the movie's absurd surface.

Press Play

The movie sidesteps the deeper ideas about the persistence of grief, love, and the fleeting nature of things for a tale that's mostly about plotting.

Murder at Yellowstone City

Ambition gets in the way of a potentially cracking mystery and a more restrained character study.


This story starts to spin its wheels pretty early.


We get a final sense that the experience of making it was probably more rewarding for the filmmaker than the experience of watching it is for us.


Apples digs into the despairing idea that the only curse worse than forgetting might be remembering.

A Man of Integrity

Mohammad Rasoulof's film plays as a low-key thriller and, on a more human level, a tragedy about what fear, helplessness, and hopelessness can do to a person.


The movie can only dig so far before it starts to feel repetitive and too far removed from a greater context.


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