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The real stars of Twisters are the eponymous storms. When they show up, the movie fulfills its sole purpose well enough, but that's not quite an excuse for the rest of it.

My Spy: The Eternal City

It's all routine, with car chases and brawls and shootouts set against various Italian backdrops.


Oddity is a nifty and scary showcase of horror storytelling.

Find Me Falling

Find Me Falling nearly gets it right.

Widow Clicquot

Here's a movie that has to tell us how important its protagonist was, because the story itself is so concerned with everything and everyone else surrounding her accomplishments.

Crumb Catcher

The balance between that comedic tone and the mechanics of a tightly plotted thriller works, mainly because they possess an equal degree of discomfort.

Skywalkers: A Love Story

There's little denying the effect of the climbing footage. Almost everything surrounding it, though, feels disingenuous.

Customs Frontline

It's easy to start suspecting that the plot and characters are simply excuses for the filmmakers to stage the action sequences.

The Abandon

It's a nice reminder, in case one is needed, that limitations of location and budget don't have to equate to limitations of imagination and execution.

Clear Cut

Ignoring how ridiculous much of the action is here, the silliest thing is how a story so basic can make so little sense.


What's fascinating about Akin's film is how it directly tells the story of lost souls in indirect ways.

Great Absence

Chika-ura's film may start as a mystery At every turn, though, the screenplay confounds those expectations.


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