Crazy Rich Asians

There's a good, complex story about the pressures of familial expectations, but in the process of telling that story, the movie loses track of the romance.

Mile 22

The moral of Mile 22 is that modern warfare is a messy, indistinct, and depressing game. So, too, is an action movie such as this one.


This is an old-fashioned adventure yarn about survival, lent a strong visual flair by director Albert Hughes.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Akhavan has given us a film about a dire situation that finds hope.

Far from the Tree

It's a complex idea, presented with simplicity.

Down a Dark Hall

An otherwise forgettable and routine horror movie, Down a Dark Hall does provide one spark of cleverness.

The Ranger

It never finds a personality to match or complement its crazy villain.

The Meg

It does more or less deliver on its promise of seeing a massive, prehistoric shark wreaking havoc. This, though, is a case where "more" is preferable to any amount of "less."


Spike Lee effortlessly blends narrative and analysis with BlacKkKlansman.


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